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Synonyms: hostess, talk-show moderator, frontman, presenter, innkeeper, more. Collocations: host a party, gathering, conference, meeting, celebration, a restaurant, gala, dinner-party host, on the host server, more. Forum discussions with the words host" in the title.: a host of / a barrage of / a string of grammar.
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host to sth The prime minister will be playing host to the world's' leaders over the next couple of weeks. host for sth Her role is to encourage investment in the city and promote its use as a host for international events.
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The example illustrates that an IP address may have multiple host names localhost and loopback, and that a host name may be mapped to both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses, as shown on the first and second lines respectively. Location in the file system edit.
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The RT enzyme converts the single-stranded virion into doublestranded DNA for subsequent integration into the host cell genome. Removal of sialic acid enables a virus to enter a host cell to replicate as well as to exit the host cell.
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Before becoming a host our space sat empty not generating any income. Now our space is booked regularly and our business is expanding thanks to Peerspace. Joe Ursino Building Manager, Native Sons of the Golden West. Being a Peerspace Host has been very rewarding.
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Then up the far slope he was lost at once in a host of trees. But, though his host suggested this, Andrew refused to move his blankets. United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.
A Host header field must be sent in all HTTP/1.1 request messages. A 400 Bad Request status code will be sent to any HTTP/1.1 request message that lacks a Host header field or contains more than one. Header type Request header.
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Other examples are a telnet host a telnet server and an xhost X Window client. The term Internet" host" or just host" is used in a number of Request for Comments RFC documents that define the Internet and its predecessor, the ARPANET.
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body" of Christ, consecrated bread, c.1300, from Latin hostia sacrifice, also the" animal sacrificed, applied in Church Latin to Christ; probably ultimately related to host n.1 in its root sense of stranger, enemy." to" serve as a host, early 15c, from host n.1.

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